¢º High Voltage motor (3Phase 380V)  

Recently we have released 1st stage of high voltage motor to the market. And now we are doing field and compatibility test in our domestic market .


Now we released from 0.9KW to 15KW and then we will also extend this range to all of our motor series.
We are also planing to release our drive for high voltage on Oct. of 2008

    ¢º Participated Local Exhibition ( Seoul International Machine Tool Show 2008 )

It is the biggest local exhibition for Machine tool industry. And 420 companies attended this exhibition.we also finished this exhibition successfully. And there was over 300 vistors to our stand for 3days

¢º Visit China Plas 2008 in Shanghai China

We visited China Plas 2008 (Shanghai in China) which is 3rd. Biggest exhibition for Plastic injection &Molding business. There were thousands of machine makers for this industry.

We could find the latest trend of injection molding machine¡¦.


From This months, we will introduce one of our famious historical cites in Korea.

There are many of beautiful place and valuable remains¡¦.

    ¢º Pusan ( The biggest seaside city in Korea)  

Busan is the second largest city in Korea. Its deep harbor and gentle tides have allowed it to grow into the largest container handling port in the country and the fifth largest in the world. And Busan is a passionate and romantic city, where you can enjoy the energetic Jagalchi Market, Haeundae Beach, Boemeosa, and the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) which is the most dynamic film festival in the world. Busan is making progress towards becoming an 'Advanced City Open to the World' Bitmap by attracting more and more of the world's companies, logistics, tourists and talent.

    Haeundae Beach
It is the biggest and most famious beach in korea. It has very clean sea wather and soft sand.
    Jagalchi Market(Seafood Market)
This is the nation-famous seafood market, representing Busan. It is always bustling with the vivid accents of tough Gyeongsang-do ajimae (female vendors), the sounds of splashing fish and shoppers' bargaining.

Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF)
It is the biggest korea. Film Festival¡¦


The hub of Asian cinema, Pusan International Film Festival
PIFF, which makes 13th edition in 2008, breaks the mold between documentaries and animations, commercial and independent films, digital and analog films, and goes beyond to play a role in helping Korean and Asian films equally grow successfully.
Also, it hopes to bridge the gap and break the walls between central and remote countries, advanced and developing countries, in Asia and other continents, and help Asian films stand in the center of the film world.

Asian Film Academy, Asian Film Market, Asian Cinema Fund, Asian film distribution company, Busan Asian Film Archive in Cinematheque Pusan, etc. are strategic moves to achieve its goal.

PIFF will persistently strive for new visions to become the festival of constant awakening, of continuous transformation, of unyielding fundamentals, and more importantly, of new cultural paradigm.


The Official Symbol of the PUSAN International Film Festival

The crest of PIFF has made the best use of the peculiarity of Asian culture.
Seals, which have been used in ancient civilization as a mark of faith, are only used in Asian countries nowadays. By using it, PIFF attempts to show its love for Asian Cinema and further acquaint the whole world with the brilliance of Asian culture.

In Korea, there is a tale of national foundation, Ten-gun mythology, that tells a story of three seals named "three God-given Seals" that Huan-in(The God) gives as a mark of faith to his son Huan-Woong, who comes down to earth to save and rule the human world. Now the rectangular shape of the seal is reborn as the sacred crest of PIFF, representing the frame of film.


The Official Symbol of the PUSAN International Film Festival

Evergreen is inseparable from the everyday lives of Koreans as a Korean adage, ¡°One is born, live, and die under the shade of the evergreen¡±, demonstrates. It is also is considered holy in Korea due to its longevity and its ever-green-ness symbolizes the everlasting liveliness. In this sense, the evergreen suits perfectly with PIFF¡¯s dynamic energy and the vitality of Korean Cinema.


13th Pusan International Film Festival unveils its official poster. The poster is based on ¡®Arirang-Hope 1¡¯, one of the series of ¡®Arirang¡¯ by the western painting artist, Shin, Jang Sik and designed by PIFF Art director Choi, Soondae. Shin, Jang Sik has focused on reinterpreting of Korean tradition and recreating vitality of hidden Korean culture through his paintings.

¡®Arirang-Hope 1¡¯ is appraised for its vivid description of harmonious and colorful Korean culture and it matches with the passionate character of Pusan International Film Festival. And this year¡¯s poster itself represents the festival¡¯s identity and direction to the future.

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